All Bright Center And Victory Sambo Club

"Everyone wrestles according to ones freakishness."
Genrikh Shultz

Vitaly And Dasha Zaslavsky

Dear Friends!

Study and sport - are two simple trues, clear to each teenager. They are the secret of success in life and success in professional career. Right combination of both is important in order to discover your child talents and prepare them for the years to come. Those are the reasons why "All Bright Learning Center" decided to expand its programs by introducing SAMBO classes.

SAMBO, "unarmed self-defense" was developed in 20th of the 20th Century in the Soviet Union, as a system of martial art for the Army and Special Forces. It combined the most efficient techniques of martial arts of various nationalities throughout the world and, at present, is still a constantly developing and expanding as new elements get introduced. It is also a very universal means of self-defence, in wich even a weak person can find a usable technique.


SAMBO is a way for our children to develop the essential skills that will help them excel in their life. Discover techniques that improve their physical abilities, help gain discipline and self-confidence. Further, learn creativity, goal setting and stress management.

And most of all, SAMBO is a system of development of PERSONALITY. Boys and girls, who come in SAMBO, dream of champion titles and Olympic victories. But already on the first training they understand that without persistent work, without overcoming their weeknesses, without fidelity to a team it would be impossible to achieve anything. Neither in sports, nor in a life. And we try to have them grown not simply physically strong sportsmen, but also true people.

Children should believe in themselves and their ability to create and achive. The stronger they belive, the stronger they will stand. The future of our world depends on us and soon on them. It is with the great hope that we look ahead in the future, in which our children will be living.

Vitaly Zaslavsky

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